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ITALVELLUTI specialises in the distribution of high quality upholstery materials. Our suppliers are the largest, world-renowned Italian companies. We represent those companies by distributing their products not only on the Polish market, but also on the markets of neighbouring countries, such as: Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Lithuania.

Our mission

Our mission is the popularisation and marketing of products whose quality surpasses the standard set by the products that brought Polish furniture into the lowest European market class. In order to meet our customers’ expectations we have prepared a unique distribution system consisting in offering fabrics and artificial leather in linear metres and leather in single sheets, without the need to order full bales of fabric or larger production batches of leather. By using our catalogue, a customer can broaden their offer with products that can be ordered in exact amounts needed to fulfil a given order. In practice this allows them to have a very comprehensive offer without costs required by keeping stock and without customer risk.

New technologies and the best quality...

Attractive and modern design...


Italvelluti has always emphasised technical innovation in fabric manufacturing. It was one of the first European manufacturers who implemented computer aided design (CAD) systems to manufacture fabrics.

At present, the company has three factories in Montemurlo, including two weaving mills: one specialising in manufacturing velour and one specialising in jacquard fabrics. The company also possesses modern lines for finishing fabrics. Thanks to them, fabrics can be coated with various impregnation materials. Thus, we offer, among other things, non-flammable fabrics compliant with the European standard EN 1021 part 1 and 2. We can also provide stain protection measures such as PTFE coating or “ZERO SPOT SYSTEM”.

Our modern machinery allows us to continuously experiment with textile technologies. We have numerous patents in the field of fabrics and their manufacture. One of our key values is quality. We adopt a multi-stage approach to quality control: we test raw materials, yarn and finished fabrics, and in our own research laboratory we determine the technical parameters of fabrics.

Recently we have also introduced an automatic sample dyeing system, Lab-Dip. It allows us to prepare fabric dye formulas ourselves. This way we can satisfy the aesthetic requirements of even the most demanding customers. If minimum manufacturing levels are kept, a customer can order any colour they wish, and we can manufacture it without any problems.


From the very start Italvelluti strived to make refined, modern textile products with attractive design. Throughout the years we have cooperated with the most prestigious fabric designers – like Mauro Lipparini, Laura Galetti or Claudio Nicolli. We were one of the first companies to introduce the term “collection” to decorative fabrics. It consists in skilful combination of fabrics of various structure, colour and design into one coherent thematic whole.

Every year we introduce new fabric collections to the market. We take into account all current trends in fabric and interior design. Our customers can rest assured that if they choose our fabrics, they will get not only quality at reasonable price, but also the most fashionable design, colours and fabric finish. Our position in fabric design makes us a regular participant in “Proposte”, an exclusive textile fair which takes place in Como every year.

By using the state-of-the-art textile technologies we ensure that our fabrics combine great aesthetics with great functionality. It is clearly visible in such products as our innovative nano-technology protected “ZERO SPOT SYSTEM” fabrics, which are characterised with incredible resistance to all types of dirt and stains. Another example would be our „open door” series of fabrics which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our offer has been complemented with natural Italian aniline and semi-aniline upholstery leather (ITALPELLE brand). Our cooperation with renowned suppliers results in our offer being complemented with exclusive leathers manufactured with various tanning (corrected grain, top grain, full grain), dyeing and finishing technologies. Each assortment is offered in rich colour range, even up to 100 colours. The offer is supplemented by high-quality artificial leather (ITALSKAY brand) which is manufactured with the use of state-of-the-art technology as well as the colour and design of the best Italian designers. The result is an unprecedented offer of various products available for our customers which, most importantly, can be ordered even in relatively small amounts.

Our offer is used by many world-famous brands – we are happy to distribute them to the best manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. We are proud that our design makes beautiful, original furniture which is appreciated by our customers.