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We work to ensure the success of our customers.

Cooperation with ITALVELLUTI

Our offer includes upholstery and decorative fabrics, upholstery artificial leather as well as natural, aniline and semi-aniline leather for furniture. Our offer is aimed both at companies and individual customers. Our customers are: furniture manufacturers, upholstery workshops, interior design salons, design and architecture offices, interior decorators, art directors, investors of commercial objects such as hotels, guesthouses or restaurants, manufacturers of interior details and other companies making use of textile products, natural and artificial leather in their products.

We sell fabrics and artificial leather by the linear metre, thanks to which customers can buy any amount of fabric, starting from 50 cm. We realise orders with the accuracy of +/- 10 linear centimetres. Natural leather is sold in sheets of individually specified area. The range of sheet area is provided in the detailed information about individual leather collections.

We also offer special purpose fabrics, e.g. non-flammable and more, as per the customers' demands. Such fabrics are not covered by our linear metre sales, and they are sold in bales. In some cases, there are minimum order amounts specified. Please contact our traders for details. We also offer non-flammable artificial leather and natural leather compliant with the non-flammability requirements of furniture and ship standards.

We will be happy to start cooperating with you – contact us, and you will shortly be visited by our trader.

How to start cooperation with Italvelluti ?

How to get our samplers ?

The rules of purchasing

Italvelluti offers products in two sale systems: service/linear metre sales and full bale and pallet sales.

Service/linear metre sales:

It covers selected fabric collections as well as artificial and natural leathers. At present the system covers about 1500 fabric types and a few hundred artificial and natural leather types. Sales are based on samplers which our traders, after agreement with furniture manufacturers, distribute in furniture shops. A potential end customer picks a furniture piece from the manufacturer’s offer and fabric, natural or artificial leather basing on the sampler (for distribution of samplers see the “SAMPLER DISTRIBUTION” section).

Fabrics and artificial leathers are sold by the linear metre, and the orders are completed strictly by the customer’s demands, e.g. for the given furniture shape. Due to its nature, natural leather is sold in sheets. The width of fabrics and artificial leathers and average sheet width is provided in individual collections, on the product level. This sales method does not burden our customers with the necessity to keep stocks, as it is our stocks which are their back-up. Also, our clients do not bear risks of introducing new product designs, as they can perform their tests by ordering minimum amounts instead of whole bales. This system allows us to cooperate with both large and small companies, and even with individual customers.

Depending on the collection, the orders are shipped from a warehouse in Poland or in Italy, which is decisive for shipment time. National shipments are realised by a courier company, which means that the customer receives them within 48 hours from the time the order is placed. Shipping costs are covered by the shipper provided that the overall amount of products ordered is over 40 linear metres. It does not matter if it is 40 metres of one product or 10 times 4 metres of different products. For orders below 40 linear metres, the recipient covers the shipping costs of PLN 17 (net value). These rules apply for the entire Poland. Foreign customers are asked to contact us in order to agree on the principles and costs of shipment.

Orders can be placed via e-mail, on the address, by fax under the number (018) 41 45 451 or by phone, under the number (018) 41 45 457, where our traders await your contact.

Full bale and pallet sales:

It covers all remaining products not included in the linear metre service and special fabrics and artificial leathers. This includes all products subjected to additional treatment or impregnation, for example the non-flammability impregnation thanks to which the fabric is compliant with non-flammability standards, like EN 1021 part 1 and 2.

Fabrics and artificial leather in this system are ordered in full bales, without the possibility of ordering precise amounts. Natural leather is ordered in entire pallets. In many cases minimum order amounts are also specified, so such orders must be always consulted with our employees prior to being placed.

Sampler distribution

Any manufacturer who wants to cooperate with Italvelluti may contact our trader who will then visit them in order to present our offer. The trader will then provide a set of samplers which the customer was interested in. Further sampler distribution is realised in three variants:

1. The manufacturer provides us with the list of their shops, where our traders deliver samplers, while providing personnel training in the scope of Italvelluti offer. This form is free of charge.

2. Samplers are sent to the customer's seat and the distribution is performed by the customer and their traders.

a)      if we receive addresses of shops where the samplers were sent, our traders will visit them in order to verify it and provide personnel training. In this case the samplers are free of charge as well.

b)     if, for some reason, the customer will not sent us the shop addresses, and we cannot verify whether the samplers are fulfilling their roles and are used correctly, the customer will receive an invoice for the total value of the samplers given. This protects our company against considerable and unnecessary costs should the customer lose, destroy or fail to distribute the samplers.

3. We can also make non-standard samplers according to conditions agreed with the customers, or we can provide them for the client to make their own samplers. The costs of such sampler distribution always require negotiating with an Italvelluti trader and will be charged from the customer.

In the case of paid distribution forms, the customer can from time to time request a compensation of sampler costs, as long as they are lower than 3% of turnover realised in cooperation with Italvelluti !

We offer our contractors the following sampler types:

The samplers have the form of 31 x 21 cm or 44 x 32 cm catalogue containing product samples and including collection description and additional information. In the case of fabrics protected with „Zero Spot System”, the sample contains an illustrated description of the fabric cleaning process. The sampler also contains basic technical data and photographs showing how the fabric looks on a piece of furniture. It is bound in thick hard cover and available in four or twelve language versions.

The Italvelluti offer also includes 83x200 cm roll-ups promoting the Zero Spot System and Liquid protection System – unique technologies protecting fabrics against the penetration of liquids or stains, used in some Italvelluti collections or in ITALSKAY brand. The roll-ups are available in several language versions, so they can also be used for display windows and presentation at fairs outside Poland. For details concerning its renting or purchase contact our commercial representatives.